Real Estate Services

Radon and Real Estate Professionals

The relationships we’ve built with realtors around Northern Colorado has been an integral part of our success. Today, home buyers and sellers are more educated on the dangers of radon. Because of this, testing for radon and installing a radon mitigation system as part of a real estate transaction is growing in popularity.


Realtor Relations

Quick Installation to Meet Closing Deadlines


We usually have a system installed and follow up test results provided to our clients within 10 days of the initial call.

Flexible Radon Mitigation Installation Scheduling


We are locally based.  We work around your schedule and can arrange installations on weekends as needed.   

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We guarantee the radon levels will be below EPA standards of 4pCi/L.  If for whatever reason they are still high, we will quickly fix the problem and retest that day.  

Free Transferable Warranties


We offer a free transferable warranty to the new home buyers if done in the first 30 days of the transaction. 

Prompt and Free Post-Testing


If you have a vacant home, we will set up and retrieve the test for you.  Results will be emailed promptly. 

Professional Memberships


We are members of the BBB, Angie's List, and  GARA (Greeley Area Realtor Association).